“There are three kinds of people: the one sees,
others see when it is shown to them.
And the third ones simply don’t see.”
Leonardo Da Vinci


The founder of the constitution articulates (should) the desire of the sovereign (the people) how to organize the state, for which the sovereign cedes part of his rights to the state authorities. On the basis of the Constitution, the representatives of the sovereign, in the parliament, create legal norms for the more detailed arrangement of the “domestic system”.
In one part of the code, there are special norms that must be fulfilled by the citizens and they refer to the right to drive a motor vehicle. Raising on a pedestal an extremely significant, responsible, risky and very dangerous activity, after the lives of citizens, obtaining a driver’s license is a painstaking and expensive process. First it is necessary to determine the health and psycho-pathological eligibility of the candidate (medical certificate), then with the help of an instructor you must take driving school lessons, followed by passing a written exam on knowledge of the traffic rules for the end, at least three times (this is to satisfy the corrupt rules of the Macedonian state), take a practical driving test in the presence of three competent persons. But that’s not all, there are categories (A, B, C, D, E) that confirm your competence, you cannot jump them and require the fulfillment of additional conditions to take a higher category. Finally, all this will be checked at least once a month by the Authorized official of the traffic police. If you want to be a taxi driver in a tourist place, things get even more complicated, then you have to know history and English for all of this. That’s how it should be, right!
But I am constantly pressed by one question: Why does the legislator act in a discriminatory manner towards the Citizen? In contrast to ordinary citizens, the drivers who drive us through social, political and economic life, the legislator for self-styled politicians-drivers did not foresee any legal norms that should be fulfilled. Apparently, the legislator made an oversight and did not treat this area as socially dangerous, and she is perhaps the most dangerous, with possible harmful consequences for the citizens, so he left this area to be regulated by common law. Thus, citizens are placed in an unequal, discriminatory position. For an offense due to parking in the wrong place, the traffic participant receives a draconian fine in relation to his income. In contrast, the politician receives a friendly reprimand for damages of millions of euros, national cataclysms, a warning or possibly a change in his official or parliamentary position…certainly in another official chair or parliamentary mandate.
Amateur drivers
Thirty years of experience with amateur drivers on the political scene, taking into account the damage they have caused to the state, requires the legislator to regulate this activity. Primarily to provide for a psychiatric-pathological examination for eligibility. Determining whether political candidates are snobs, petty-bourgeois addicts, quantum market, gambling, alcohol, drugs and other psychotropic substances. Then are they anxious, obsessive-compulsive, phobic or pathological liars, thieves, narcissists, pseudo-patriots. Of course, their level of intellectual capacity must also be determined for this: idiot, moron, imbecile, retard, jerk, genius are all his moral values from the framework of the so-called “moral idiocy”. Depending on this expertise, it will be determined which category of “driver” he can possess. According to the current rules (unwritten rules) of the political profession, the higher one is on the ladder, the candidate, of moral idiocy the higher category he can possess. So for “D” category – political bus driver, recognized by the people as the leader of a political party, the highest of the high places in the hierarchy, must possess the minimum qualities of a moron with no feelings of any empathy or compassion, a snob, proven amorality, criminal record or at least love for acquiring other people’s property and corruption. The legislator, on behalf of the people, may or may not have to take this into account, it is up to him to decide whether he will accept the restrictions as sources in creating “order in the state”.
Rules, rules…
Driving a political driving school for several hours is an unnecessary waste of time. Our candidates for professional politics are already proven obedient poltroons and have passed all the educational courses in their internal party “Both schools”. They know all the “secrets of the trade”, sticking posters, carrying banners, shouting at rallies, hating dissenters, poltronism and blind obedience to the bus driver – the leader. Because of this, they are immediately allowed with a “certificate to ride a bicycle with an auxiliary engine” to be MPs or to manage high institutions in the state system, i.e. a “C” category vehicle. After they pass the psychological-pathological tests, they have to take a written exam. Here, the legislator must be very careful, if he follows the narrow-mindedness of the current political “elite”, however, the tests must match the profile of the candidates. It would be easier to suggest which questions should be avoided because, if the “Rashkovski” software is not used, someone might not pass. Questions from the field of history must not be asked, maybe, but for the history of two days ago, the longest since the time when the bus was owned by today’s driver. If something must be asked, then let it be questions from “The funny side of history according to Mickoski”. English, homeschooling, mining bitcoins from your nose with a hand held device, the long fingernail of your little finger, using antiperspirant, eating with a knife and fork, burping when we have guests over – forget it! These are questions for some future generations! In the section of roadside signs and light signaling, only the “mandatory direction” sign and the “green” traffic light. Rule on the right, marked or unmarked intersections is not required. Our drivers-politicians everywhere have the right of way, however, if an ordinary road user does not know it, there are flashers and melodious signals from sirens, but also some “educational mumps”. After all, this part is the responsibility of the mass media, the task of self-aware, self-censored, free pseudo-journalists to point out to citizens about their politically incorrect behavior towards politicians. So I suggest reducing these tests to a few “dry” questions. First of all, for which driver’s union will the candidate drive (SDS, VMRO, Levica, DUI), this is a very important question because some give a left “blinker” and others drive right, and vice versa. To tell the truth, the effect is the same, from crazy driving with mixed speeds and signals for the direction of movement, we ordinary mortals – pedestrians in Macedonian political traffic – are the victims. For political, and sexually undefined centrists, I would say that the questions should be placed in the section on manual braking and brake signaling, so that someone from the back doesn’t “crash” into them. Then what colors does he wear “in his heart”, although most of the candidates are color blind, all their colors are the same, so in different part of the year they wear diametrically opposite colors depending on the government’s attitude towards a certain color, people call them chameleons and they call themselves “professionals”. But the crucial question, which can bring the most negative points, is his self-identification. This question can also be a “trick” question, because of the tautology, and care should be taken with the answer. A candidate may receive many negative points if they circle under (A) Euro-Atlantic identification. With such an answer, the candidate will be forbidden to drive on the narrow Macedonian political streets, but he will certainly be able to drive on the European highways. If (B) Euroscepticism and anti-Americanism are circled, it brings a lot of points, even if the candidate complements the answer with communist Yugonostalgia, he almost certainly licked it. The candidate will be free to drive on the Balkan dark cobbled streets but not on the European highways. Very simple, like “Don’t get mad man”, but let’s not forget to re-enter the game You need to “roll” a six, which can sometimes be “devilishly” difficult. Maybe after 20-30 years, as the wise Mickoski would say, when we manage to “throw” a six. In the section of “dry” questions, the candidate must declare to which group of followers he belongs, with which of the professional bus drivers Brankovist, Ljubchowist, Gruevist, Zaevist or Mickovist is identified. Here, the differences are very small, so even if the candidate makes a mistake, it does not matter much, he will certainly receive an agreement for entry into the High Society of halflings-truck drivers.
Obtaining “Permission to kill” passing through the sieve of the prisons, 30 years created by the Macedonian political scene, , it was to be expected that these “sons of whores”, as Johnny Stulic would call them, from Mickoski’s profile and his “brothers” would lead us into a “dead end street”. As our sergeant would say “no light or light anywhere”!
Because of this if, somehow, we “extricate ourselves” from this “dead end street”, the sovereign (the people) must create its own bonds on the basis of which it will give “Permission to manage its destiny”. However, the sovereign is the Authorized official that controls the political traffic. On the day when the sovereign is the judge (chooses), he must think carefully when choosing his future “torturer”. How paradoxical this is, but everything is black and white, Yin and Yang, good and evil, “The judge and his executioner”. Precisely to reduce the damage from these contrasts, synonyms for Our pseudo-politicians, epigones, pseudo-apologists, let’s ask them not to defend us so strongly from the “rotten” West. Sometimes, for a change, we want to bite a wormy apple, when we get tired of the beautiful apples that our political manipulators give us. Well, let’s release them from the obligation to be “drivers who will take us out”!

Oliver Andonov


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