Within the framework of attempts to engage in politics in our Macedonia, there are many who have demonstrated a pronounced flaw. Unfortunately, we are the ones who allow such people to reach political leadership positions of power in our country. Of course, once in position they lead our country into the abyss, guided by their own personal interests goals of self-enrichment.

I did not think to attach much importance to any particular specimen with such a pronounced flaw. However, it comes to mind that there is one that has exaggerated his ambition and self-conceit with the notion that he was raised to be a great politician. He understands everything and even has convinced some bishops from the MOC-OA to publicly promote him, which raises the question of the motive of such cooperation and promotion.

First of all, I think that it makes no sense for this individual to pollute our media space on a daily basis even though the media has given him a lot of time on assignment, and quite unnecessarily. The time given to him to pollute our mental hygiene is not a problem. The problem is that everyone foolishly pretends that this character is some kind of grand statesman, when actually he demonstrates an ignorance on an epic scale and deeply compromised in many aspects of politics and society. He hides that compromise with his cheap village tricks, thinking that he is extremely clever, when “everyone” falls for his most recent sweet talk, infused with hubris, determination, and concern for the situation in Macedonia.

No. It’s not Zaev,

I haven’t written about this character for a long time. I once said a long time ago that he is the “Manchurian candidate” of Zaev and thus of the oligarchy. No matter how much he tries to hide it from the public eye.  Yes, I am talking about Spasovski. The character who thinks he’s smart. The character who, using the sorrow of the entire Macedonian nation and the suffering of a young girl and a grandfather, builds his own character under the guise of leading a merciless fight against organized crime and corruption.

If only we had fallen from Mars, we might believe him. He has been appearing in the media every day for the last two or three weeks, as if he had become the Minister of Internal Affairs, just two weeks ago. Yet, the character under the ugly mask has been a minister for almost seven years, in several governments of the epically incompetent SDS government. We have become nearly faint from his verbal and purposeful “outpourings” of concern about the rise of crime and corruption against which he as “Superman” has come to the rescue at great self-sacrifice. What would be heard next, “Don’t worry. Go to sleep and, I will sing asanas to you”?

In doing so, he uses “decisive” language known as hackneyed platitudes. In his term as Minister of the Interior, we have a litany of his inactivity. For example, undetected serious crimes, murders in the streets of Skopje, mafia confrontations, shootings in shopping malls in broad daylight in which the perpetrators were never discovered; an epidemic of corruption and organized crime, non-functioning administrative procedures in the Ministry of the Interior, which are in function of the daily needs of the citizens and more. Without exception, Spasovski has nothing to brag about in terms of successful management of the Ministry of the Interior. But he can boast of a successful political intra-party (in SDS) lamentation between Zaev and Kovacevski. Let’s recall that it was Zaev’s Manchurian candidate (read the political oligarchy) as technical prime minister who, during his extended seven-month term under the state of emergency, brought many government decrees that turned into legal regulations. One of the most striking among the multitude was that of the diamond trade. Isn’t Macedonia at the top of the world list for diamond production? No one has ever investigated this or taken it seriously as an obvious law that encourages organized crime, including state grand corruption; such crime is even protected by state law. Something similar to Spasovski’s reactions occurred when the Criminal Law was changed and again the state legal protection of crimes was related to corruption.

Today, Spasovski is a waiting hopeful between Zaev and Kovacevski, expecting to be promoted as a candidate of the SDS for the office of president of the state. This is the main reason why in the last two or three weeks, after the professional services of the PSB discovered all the suspects of the much-publicized crime of a brutal pre-meditated murder committed by a man without an ounce of humanity, without a sense of empathy or compassion. Yet, with the criminals apprehended by the PSB, Spasovski continues to appear in the media on a daily basis.

Of course, it is obvious for all to see, that these self-whitening appearances are simply the abuse of a classic criminal offense for political purposes and shameless self-aggrandizement. He wants to clear himself in front of the Macedonian citizens of all the blackness he has done over the last several years while in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and in Macedonia. What record is he attempting to clear? He has a long record of non-action, which for a character who is in such a high state position, is the commission of a crime. It is a crime when he does nothing. This column will be short and a few more in the future will list what was and what was not done. For example, how he disbanded the Macedonian police and divided it along an ethnic and party basis. It is good that Macedonia still has professional colleagues. At the same time, I am not referring to the one Tasevski who is in the role of director of PJB, as he is more in the role of a person who “has an image, but no tone”. There is no tone even when it comes to classic criminal crimes. He is a loyal follower, and the image is enough, so that he does not open his mouth and say something that will harm his boss. To the one who is trying to hide himself in front of us with village tricks so that someone will vote for him to be the President of Macedonia. That is, of course, if he manages to pass the internal party games between Zaev and Kovacevski. In the meantime, Spasovski will not think of filing criminal charges with the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Merko, for Angjushev, for all those whom our strategic partner has already put on the blacklist. I do not expect that he will do so for the others who are yet to be entered on this list. He boasted quite unnecessarily, on another occasion, that this occurs with a criminal complaint. Of course, the Public Prosecutor can initiate a procedure even without a criminal complaint filed by the Ministry of the Interior or anyone else. But that’s why Spasovski, for PR purposes, publicly publishes pictures taken with the US Ambassador to Macedonia with his own caption that he is a statesman. I know that taking a picture with the ambassador will not help him at all. The ambassador herself said as much in a recent interview, when she said, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” As for how much of a statesman he is, wouldn’t the most visible evidence be whether he actually did anything for his country, Macedonia during his seven-year mandate?

I will be happy if the SDS nominates him as their presidential candidate, and at the same time against a candidate from our party who is not Siljanovska or some other communist. In such a case that the candidate from VMRO-DPMNE is a person, a proven and old member of the party. I am sure that we will have a clear victory in the presidential race. For assembly elections, the math is completely different, but that is for another occasion.

Serious hypocrisy is coming from this character with so many flaws who thinks we should all forget the past seven years and not recall his full support of the expansion of organized crime and corruption. It is obvious that he is counting on the short-term memory of the average Macedonian citizen. So now as the ultimate goal of his “pro-Western” orientation (according to the principle of “turn on the right blinker – and then turn left) we hear of his fight against corruption and crime. He even presents himself as the savior of the injured hunter (I am somewhat familiar with this PR fool from a neighboring country). Something that is basically a normal procedure in any normal country and that is under the authority of the SSO and 112, and not an occasion for a political press conference. A conference where the interview of the United States Ambassador to Macedonia will be explained, as if we are deaf, dumb and stupid and did not hear or understand what the ambassador said, ordered and pointed out, and what is valid and applies to Spasovski as well, maybe much more so than for someone else.

Hence, the fact that Spasovski “impersonates Tosho” on the public stage shows that he has a serious problem, not just political. He is trying to pretend that he is not from here and that he, the policies of the Ministry of the Interior, his SDS (both in the time of Zaev and in the time of Kovacevski), the comment of the American ambassador about the failure of the institutions somehow does not apply. It still applies, and that is exactly what is said most directly and clearly. Spasovski is a member of that government and if he did not agree with its policies, he should have resigned a long time ago.

No matter how much he demonstrates his hubris and swagger, Spasovski is the one most directly responsible for the implementation of policies in the Ministry of the Interior. It is the minister who heads their ministry as an administrative body and is responsible and obliged to direct the policy of the competent ministry. That policy does not refer to pretending to be an expert in investigations or a rescuer of injured and suffering people in inaccessible areas, as Spasovski does. Such behavior represents only an abuse of the political office of a minister. The policy in the ministries, including the Ministry of the Interior, consists of the imposition, I repeat the IMPOSITION, of the political will for a merciless and unlimited fight against organized crime and corruption and all types of crime, with the aim of protecting the personal and public safety of citizens. So, it is a matter of expressed political will which is measured in action through the successful work of the police and direct cooperation with the Public Prosecutor’s Office, when the police are conducting investigations under the leadership of the Public Prosecutor, including the Minister of Internal Affairs himself.

Questions need to be asked. Primarily, under Spasovski, how many corruption scandals and other serious crimes, especially in the area of ​​organized crime and corruption, have the police discovered and submitted to the Public Prosecutor’s Office? I specifically wonder about crimes committed by members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs close to the government and crimes committed by prominent members of the government (regardless of which political party they are from), but especially from the ranks of the SDS).

To this question, a person with so many “falinki” and with a mask on his face, and in the position of Minister of Internal Affairs, should give a clear and precise answer to the Macedonian public. But we will not see that. Unfortunately, we will see and listen to a lot of “wisdom” from this face with falkins. I believe that he will soon stop referring to photos with ambassadors from our strategic partner or our allies from the EU. At least he doesn’t pollute them with his flaws.

As I have said, I would like those from the SDS to nominate him for the office of President of Macedonia from their ranks. At least to expose this thoughtful character who sees himself as the president of Macedonia through his seven years of dedicated idleness and the direct and indirect support of organized crime and corruption.

What Spasovski imagines with his flaws is only an attempt to secure his own future. If it is possible according to the example of his former mentor, the person Branko Crvenkovski, with whom he broke up the good relations, but in whose papal abilities he firmly believes and whose methods he gladly applies.

Spasovski with his many flaws is an example to all of us. Let’s not all be with the same pronounced mental defect and forget that both characters under the mask were the minister of internal affairs for the past seven years.


Oliver Andonov

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