It is obvious that the activities of the intra-party faction calling for democratization and revitalization of VMRO-DPMNE have created a party and social atmosphere in which Mr. Mickoski is becoming increasingly anxious. His anxiety is understandable. In front of international partners, especially our strategic partners, the USA and the EU, Mickoski will be unable to defend his thesis that he has full support in the party for the implementation of his policies. It is becoming increasingly apparent that no such support exists. It is unfortunate that in the second decade of the 21st century that Micovski still uses old style intimidation of his own party members, MPs and supporters of the faction, to ensure they do not express themselves according to their own will on issues related to the constitutional amendments. After all, let’s not be visible and not be loud in public where a different opinion from his, monolithic, will be heard. Rather than entering into discussions with us as an intra-party faction and confronting the arguments and solutions on several key issues for both the state and the party, he does not even allow a transparent public debate within the party, on any issue.
Contrary to the civilized and democratic behavior expected from the president of a European political party in the 21st century in a European country, that is Macedonia, at least geographically for the time being, Mickoski is creating intra-party and social hysteria. That hysteria is created through party bodies in charge of dubious activities such as, engaging paid media, deploying so-called “influencers” and party run bots on social networks, and exploiting party members who are victims of this massive political abuse by Mickoski and his leadership.
Mickoski knows very well that his political career is over and that he will be held accountable in front of his bosses for not delivering what he promised and what he was paid for. Yet here he is trying to survive just a little longer. At the same time, it is unimportant to him that he forces our members of VMRO-DPMNE to implement directives in which they intentionally spread discord and create conflict among the membership. He obviously doesn’t care about creating divisiveness and hatred among Macedonians, plus inciting other levels of widespread hatred and pronounced chauvinism towards our fellow Albanians (as they like to call them Shiptars) or towards Bulgarians (as they like to call them Tatars). It is a hatred full of insults, curses and various other mundane trivialities that are irrelevant to the civilized world. Aren’t we aspiring towards that 21st century civilized European world? Or, maybe I’m wrong…
The anti-EU and anti-US mood and speech is especially pronounced. At the same time, the various nebulae of great thinkers on social networks and other “proven” geopolitical strategists offer us a solution via some sort of BRICS (non-existent organization). I am convinced that they these “experts” either do not know what it is or that they have not read anything about politics and geopolitics. More likely, in order to reach the same level of understanding unless one would have to consider watching a news diary five times a day on selected channels perhaps to satisfy some personal vanities and confirm the imposed personal views. But that’s why, wholeheartedly and with a special motivation to get something from the “leader”, they follow the instructions and then confirm through screenshots as proof of their obedience to the sun. And then as if they had been tied to a donkey, they would vote for the donkey. Yes, it is important that they follow the guidelines and wait for the sun to caress them or for they to caress themselves, somehow.
Nonetheless, in a surge of exalted obedience in execution of their directions, while not even paying attention to what was written or said by their leaders, they can be expected to write consummate nonsense and always present vague or ill-defined concepts. They write comments on the public statements of the US Ambassador to Macedonia, Mrs. Aguilar, insulting her despite her diplomatically correct and friendly attitude towards Macedonia. And not only to Aguilar. They also attack anyone else who has an opposing opinion and attitude other than the one that the self-styled leader, Mickoski, told them was correct. In doing so, Mickoski helps them through his duplicity by abusing Mrs. Aguilar’s statements and hypocritically “agreeing” completely with them, not forgetting to say “however, …” It is precisely that duplicity and hypocrisy expressed through that “however” or “I’m for the EU, however, . . .” and then repeating the goals that his bosses have assigned him, only contribute to increasing the hysteria by presenting our strategic partners as though they were our blood enemies. In this hysterical propaganda on social networks and the media, our diaspora Macedonians who live in the EU or the USA often lead the way. Paradoxically and incomprehensibly, with one logical, practical question for them: “Why don’t you go live and work with the democrat Putin, when you hate the USA and the EU so much? You say that they are fascists?” What kind of schizophrenia is this that is being created just to save a handful of oligarchic bandits so that they don’t answer for their crimes against the Macedonian people? It is tragically ironic that it is to be saved precisely through the hysteria of the same people against whom they committed historical atrocities, to the point of destroying the Macedonian state.
Consequently, there exists a strategy of spreading general hysteria in society, without explaining exactly what the consequences of this abuse will be. Not only the consequences for VMRO-DPMNE, my dear party members, not the consequences for Macedonia as a Macedonian state. Not only the consequences for the Macedonian people, but above all the consequences for your families and for you personally as psychological traumas. Again, each of you above all who do not understand and do not see what is happening, and simply follow directions and in turn will be deeply disappointed. You will hate others and will be blamed by another for the exodus of our future generations; and, for the poverty in which we will live. By the time you understand that you were wrong, even if it doesn’t happen tomorrow, you will be enjoying the role of victims of those “imperialists and fascists”, when in fact, you are a victim of yourself and the oligarchic masters of Mickoski. To your own myths, misconceptions, ignorance, shallowness and blind obedience in the hope of getting something from Mickoski, you will get nothing. He is not fighting for his political survival for the betterment of all of us. Neither is he struggling to give some henchman, poltroon or “fighter” on social networks – a hater something that that poor man in his head expects from Mickoski. He is fighting to have direct contact and dispose of our resources (the budget) and to save his bosses from being held accountable for the robbery they have been doing on our Macedonia for thirty years.


Oliver Andonov

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