After the publication of the Report of the European Commission on Macedonia, the statements, announcements, media appearances and the general “hysteria” of mutual accusations are completely normal events on the political scene for the entertainment of our people.

Normal, because no one expected a positive report. Neither did they expect a report in which there would be something for which the commission could praise us as a state, as a nation, in terms of our progress moving towards the EU. At the same time, we did not even expect that SDS and “our own” from VMRO-DPMNE would question their role and above all responsibility as the cause that we would receive such a report. It is also normal that our “leaders” immediately started quarreling and flinging accusations, as if some of them were not even from here, and did nothing to help us to be in the state that we are in. While the others were just waiting to find an excuse for their incompetence.

I once wrote that you can’t fly with one wing, and these “wings of ours” don’t fly in pairs, but usually flap against each other.

For example, not only has Mickoski and his leadership in VMRO-DPMNE blocked the constitutional changes and we have not started negotiations, but there is also the problem of the incompetent SDS and Kovacevski, who have been talking for two years that the processes for starting negotiations with the EU are stalled, and they have no way of doing anything about corruption and crime. It’s not the public stage crimes and the damned DUI patriotism games that bring up questions from 2001. There is no time for that. The problem is in all of us, the citizens of Macedonia, who are trying to take a political side, to position ourselves before the elections, to be with the winner. There will be no winner. At least not from these political nomenclatures. However, I know the ultimate losers from our behavior like this. It’s like we’re against ourselves.

I think that deep down we all know this. Yet, due to apathy or for personal reasons it is difficult for us to say it publicly, clearly and loudly as a message to the political leaders. Nobody is delighted or at least satisfied with the political elites we have. But I said more than once that “for what kind of head – such a razor”. So we should think carefully and judge with common sense whether and to whom we will give the trust to “lead” us in the future. I know that Macedonian citizens are the most lied to people. Perhaps we want them to lie to us, and perhaps they lie to us the best. However, we are a long way from jokes at our own expense and “only a fool trips over the same stone twice”. After this, the guardians will ask me, who should we vote for then? I will not answer you because there is still time before the elections and many more things will happen. Perhaps an original political structure will emerge that will create the balance or directly influence the future political directions of Macedonia. However, it is certainly not Dimitrievski and Apasiev. Maybe the famous constitutional changes will happen and the “wretched” Bulgarians will enter the constitution and we will take at least one step towards the EU. Perhaps we will see a concrete fight against corruption and crime by SDS and Kovachevski thereby showing that we are a country that wants to function as a legal and stable democracy. For example, by solving the case with IVInvestment and others. Maybe…

However, if something doesn’t happen, which is unlikely to happen, we as citizens of Macedonia should be aware that these current political leaderships have no capacity to change the political direction of Macedonia from “lost and stuck” to moving it to “clear pro-European and progressive.” They will not do that. Their interest is only to mislead us in the hope that they will win more votes, with the ultimate goal of reconciling us to the EU.

If they had at least a little political sense or wanted to think about the interest and needs of the citizens (the nation), they would not be chauvinistic even against each other and would have led a common fight against corruption and crime. Currently, political parties have turned into organizations for the protection of crime, and when they need it, they also have a mutual agreement to protect everyone (both theirs and their own), as was the case with the Criminal Law. So the public statements that someone voted for changes to the Criminal Law does not justify the other as to who made the quorum so that those changes could happen. As a matter of fact, we did not hear from any of the two “main actors” to create a specific proposal in the Parliament for the adoption of a law against corruption and organized crime. Especially in connection with the thefts from the budget of Macedonia (the national budget), which would provide for non-obsolescence of these acts and the draconian penalties for the same. We also did not hear a request from the “main” actors (mainly SDS and VMRO-DPMNE) to the EU to establish a permanent monitoring mission of the EU to monitor judicial cases. Further, we did not hear of an EU board that would conduct vetting in the judiciary and the prosecution, at least following the example of Albania. These are the views and demands of the faction for the democratization and revitalization of VMRO-DPMNE, which even the leadership of our party does not want to propose, and publicly insists on their realization. If they don’t know how, we are here to help. Yet, it seems to me that they don’t want it, so there is no help here.

With this situation in mind, there is no need to be surprised at the remarks of the last Report of the European Commission on the progress of Macedonia. There is no need for the “main” actors to poison us through fruitless arguments and announcements about who is to blame. It is clear. There is no progress. This is due to the simple unwillingness on the part of SDS, and on the part of VMRO-DPMNE (here I mean the leadership of the parties) to be a state and move towards the EU. Varhey’s attempt to give us a little willpower that we are not so bad is just an attempt for the EU not to be rigorous in its political narrative towards us. We experienced Moldova being a leader. While the framework has not yet been established, and there is Transnistria, it seems this will be resolved very quickly. Meanwhile, we are moving in the opposite direction to become Transnistria 2.0.

What is worrisome is the hopelessness that imposes itself on us as a state of general apathy. In fact, in the simplest terms, it is the passitivity and indifference of all of us. Taking away the ability to say NO to both SDS and VMRO-DPMNE with these leaderships and political matrix of thinking and acting.

I would say that basically, the situation in Macedonia is very simple. But we should want to see it in its true light and without rose-colored glasses or false hopes.

The non-acceptance of the constitutional amendments by VMRO-DPMNE (Mickoski) is an instrument for not starting negotiations with the EU. On the other hand, the inability of SDS (Kovachevski) and their lack of ideas and lack of courage to start an uncompromising fight against corruption and crime is instrument for the further disintegration of the state. In fact, these two divinely different positions of the “main” political actors in Macedonia are interconnected and mutually influence our general decline as a society, state and nation. They mutually aid each other in order to survive in politics and crime. Although I believe that the MAIN political actor is the sovereign – the people – the citizens – the nation, we as the sovereign in elections transfer the right to these anti-talents in politics to destroy us as a state and society and of course to threaten our personal lives and well-being. I said once and I will ask again. Are the judiciary and the prosecutor’s office ready to come out with a list of persons, objects, and the value of the objects who, due to changes in the Criminal Law, are freed from further prosecution, i.e., whose cases were dropped? I know the answer. They will never do that, because it is necessary to sow fog with godly mutual quarrels about who is to blame, and maybe Tsatsko really is to blame. Yes, indeed, let the people deal with the fog so that they don’t see the real intentions. But, thank God, for the FIRST time, at least publicly, in the fight between the political party leaders, the EU and the USA are not to blame. That is already progress, and let it even be pre-election so that the “main” actors do not resent our partners and personal isolation is inevitable for them. They are not such fools when it comes to their skin. After all, that’s what they fear the most. They don’t care about us and Macedonia.

However, this situation is not so benign or suitable for joking and it causes isolation of VMRO-DPMNE and Mycksoki at this stage by our strategic partners and the EU. The lack of communication between the European Commission and Mickoski was only an introduction to the highlighted points in the report of the European Commission, where the first and MANDATORY item is the constitutional changes. Then everything else follows. The isolation of Mickoski and his leadership is an introduction to the complete isolation of Macedonia. It does not depend only on who will be in power in Macedonia after the elections next year, but precisely on the capacity of the government to fulfill the initial and subsequent conditions in order to be able to successfully carry out the negotiations with the EU. This is precisely why it is not benign because neither the criminalized SDS, proven incompetent and idealess nor VMRO-DPMNE with Mickoski tied and abused for non-European policies and lucrative personal interests, also criminalized, are not able to open Macedonia’s European path and through that process to deal with corruption and crime. This is exactly why I claim that the isolation will be on Macedonia. It will be due to the inability of SDS and VMRO-DPMNE to politically anticipate the interests of the citizens with these political structures at the top.

Therefore, my dear fellow citizens, in order to prevent the isolation of Macedonia, in fact, the isolation of all of us, it would be good for us as citizens instead, to isolate these and similar political structures. Isolation has many forms and practical expressions, especially when it is done by the citizens – the sovereign. Support and census for elections may not be given. A completely different political offer can be chosen if there is one. Organized civil disobedience or other form of revolt may be demonstrated. Many things can be done. Can…

But in any case, such messages to the “main actors” must be a strong message for their internal, structural, ideological, practical, political and moral change. Even a chance for new opportunities to restart with new actors, without hypocrisy.

Anyway, we the sovereign are on the move. It is our decision as to whether we will somehow isolate the “main actors” and show them who is really in charge or, we will simply wait to be isolated as a country as a result of the politics and personal lucrative interests of one or the other leadership of the SDS and VMRO-DPMNE.

Time is running quickly running out. Accordingly, the banality of the constitutional amendments and the incompetent government that does nothing in the fight against corruption and crime, reforms in the state, but together with the opposition are changing criminal laws precisely in the section “theft of our people’s money”, will not lead to isolation as a state. It is better to open our eyes and isolate the party leaderships, and let Macedonia move forward where it belongs, in the EU, and without stories about lost identity and similar pseudo-patriotic attitudes that are provided for daily consumption in order to dispel fog.

Isolation as a condition that occurs and will last is inevitable, primarily for the sake of wisdom. It is up to us as a sovereign to decide whether we will allow ourselves to be completely isolated as a state or we will isolate the godlike “main” political actors. This is already a question of our civic responsibility towards ourselves and the homeland, when these from SDS and ours from VMRO-DPMNE have no political responsibility towards us and Macedonia.


Oliver Andonov


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