Happy holiday! Happy New ’49! May the beginning of the Pre-Accession Negotiations with the EU be successful!
Legend has it that Stalin once called a meeting of the Politburo of the CPSU of the USSR, discussing various topics. His focus was primarily on the discipline of the Party membership and the people in the new Soviet Union. While the participants were locked in serious discussion, Comrade Stalin suddenly produced a chicken that he held in his hands. While continuing his commentary, he began to pluck out its feathers, one rip at a time. The poor chicken squawked loudly in pain, but Stalin continued. When he had plucked the bird completely clean of its feathers, he let it go. The chicken quickly fled from its tormentor. Stalin then reached into his pocket and withdrew a fist full of bread crumbs. The poor featherless chicken, seeing the crumbs, immediately came back to sit at his feet and began to peck the bread from his hands. Without looking at the stunned Politburo members, Stalin reportedly said, “So, this is how it should be with the people.”

Unfortunately, our drama entitled, “Brave Krsto and His 40 Bandits Save the Macedonian Identity,” dedicated to the apologist Hristijan Mickoski, has now concluded. This play reflects some of the courage of the teacher and his sincere love for the Macedonian people and the Party. For three years, Mickoski’s bots tore me apart when I wrote about the SDS-DPMNE coalition. I wrote about their willing submission to the interests of political-oligarchic structures. I wrote about the invisible manager who coordinates them – the old communist security structures, the founders, and playwrights of the political theater in Macedonia. Finally, synergy has been achieved between Mickoski, Zaev, Thaçi, and Gruevski, or between SDS and VMRO-DPMNE. EUREKA! The families have reached an agreement!
This entire theater, as I have written many times, has been driven by the lucrative interests of Mickoski and his brethren. While primarily motivated by the interests of his puppeteers. I believe many now understand the reason for our existence. The reason why we are the “Faction” within VMRO-DPMNE. Have you finally grasped the theater of the absurd – this “Marriot Coalition”? Have you finally understood how they “buttered you up” for the quarrel? The clash between the good Nikola and the bad Sasho? Let’s not even talk about Mickoski’s hatred for the “Family’s” criminals. The criminal’s rule within VMRO-DPMNE has never let up. And what about you, the supporters of Mickoski? You have been treated as mere “useful idiots.” Or to quote Mickoski in a more intimate setting, “. . . members… those are condoms that are thrown away after use.” You are only “important” when it becomes time to vote. As for the criminals from your ranks: the mayors, the public enterprise directors, ministers, prime ministers, security service directors, all of them, continue to quietly creep towards their Four-Star hotels, luxury cars, golden watches, haciendas in Greece. Perhaps they will “throw you a bone,” too.
If you had watched Mickoski’s lament given on national television regarding the changes in the Criminal Code, you probably asked yourself this question: “How can one person glorify their own stupidity to such an amazing extent? How can he so effortlessly spew such a consistent bundle of lies without embarassment? Doesn’t he have a modicum of respect for the intelligence of the average citizen? Who gave this man the right to publicly mock the Macedonian citizen? Only a brazen exhibitionist “without shame or feathers” can open his raincoat and publicly display his obvious intellectual nudity! What a charade! What a cynic!

Should one be honest?
In the so-called Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia, changes were voted on Article 353 – Abuse of Official Position and Authorization. As predicted, the penalties for this most serious criminal offense were reduced. Of course, the representatives of VMRO-DPMNE did not vote for this infantile political game. If they really wanted to prevent the changes from being passed, they would have walked out of the sessions, something they have done previously for far more frivolous reasons, thereby preventing a quorum. However, since the changes were initiated by Mickoski, the so-called representatives of VMRO-DPMNE stayed to play their role in this Karamazovian drama. What are the issues at hand? In the context of the general provisions of the Criminal Code, by reducing the years of imprisonment prescribed for this criminal offense also means a reduction in the statute of limitations for the prosecution of the offense. In this way, the political-oligarchic masters of the Republic of North Macedonia have achieved their goal. Specifically, the entire supposed obstinacy for changes in the Constitution was turned into a theater of propaganda with alleged concerns for the Macedonian identity; the Bulgarianization of the Macedonian people, and the reoccupation by those “wretched Bulgarians.” The elevation of Macedonian nationalism, even with a dose of chauvinism, proclaimed by Mickoski, had one sole purpose: to save those puppeteers who created Mickoski and inaugurated him as the President of VMRO-DPMNE. With these changes, the Mijalkov and Zaev Families, and a large portion of the officials from the SDS-DPMNE coalition, are exempt from criminal prosecution due to the revised statute of limitations. Mickoski is particularly happy because the criminals in his inner circle will, overnight, be “cleared” of the criminal charges that hang over their heads. Consequently, the much-trumpeted fight against crime, with many pending cases like “TNT”, “TRAJECTORIA,” “TENK,” “CHINESE BUSES,” “TOPLIK,” and many, many others are being discarded like yesterday’s trash. So much for Mickoski and VMRO-DPMNE’s fight against corruption and crime. We all expected VMRO-DPMNE to propose a law on the “non-statute of limitations” for the acts of “economic genocide” committed through the criminal privatization of state property and to combat corruption by significantly increasing the penalties in Article 353. Instead, Mickoski declared an amnesty. The gangs have reached an agreement! What a farce!
There are certain fundamental questions in this life that both you and I have learned from our dear parents and continue to ask since the days of our youth. Such as, Is it important to be honest? Is it necessary to obey the law? What is wisdom? To what extent should we seek out and speak the truth? We learned early in life that the answers are neither clear cut nor are they always fair. This is passed to us in the spirit of the ancients who have told us, “quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi” (What is permitted to Jupiter, is not permitted to the Ox). So, penalties for either stealing a stack of hay for the ox or stealing 30 kebabs remain. The same applies today. For example, if one uses but refuses to pay for their utilities, or uses the service without paying, then this is the theft of a service otherwise known as stealing property. Penalties should remain. Shouldn’t they?
The common denominator in this market, between the SDS-VMRO-DPMNE coalition and the international community, is the accomplishment of the Constitutional changes and the commencement of pre-accession negotiations with the EU. Amid all the parliamentary and legal cacophony, the session for Constitutional changes will continue. Predictably, Mickoski, or VMRO-DPMNE, will vote in favor of constitutional amendments. Perhaps, “so they don’t remember [their actions],” he will “reward” some of “his parliamentary sheep” who have had a sudden “overnight enlightenment”and will vote for the constitutional changes! But rest assured. Just like those who voted for the name change, we will publicly stigmatize them and then secretly reward them.

Two dilemmas
The first dilemma is the reaction of public opinion to violated civil rights, legality, constitutionality, democracy, the rule of law, justice, and the equality of citizens before the law. In criminal cases covered by Article 353, Abuse of Official Position and Authority, the legislator has identified the officials and responsible persons. In other words, these are the individuals we elect and entrust with the state to lead on our behalf and to spend our money. As the basic premise of democracy states, “. . . of the people, by the people and for the people.” Perhaps, the last part should now be erased and replaced with “FOR SOME PEOPLE” – the criminals in power. This act of violence by political-oligarchic structures is a direct attack and violation of the Constitution (Alvadzhiski notebook) of the Republic of North Macedonia. Because of this, I am very interested in how the President of North Macedonia, Mr. Pendarovski, will react. As a proven fighter for justice and fairness it remains to be seen whether he will step up to protect the citizens of North Macedonia, by refusing to sign the Decree necessary to enact these dishonest legislative changes. The question also remains how the Constitutional Court of North Macedonia will react, if at all, to these blatant violations of constitutional norms. Will we hear at least one voice from the “expert public” sitting among the numerous law faculties in the country, or will they remain silent?
The second dilemma lies in the role to be played by VMRO-DPMNE in the upcoming political processes, their future, and their compromised membership. According to the “deal with the devil” annexed to Mickoski’s agreement, the amnesty for the “Family” and, its associates, in addition to echoing what Mickoski spewed, will also be done by VMRO-DPMNE and will likely lead to their defeat in the next parliamentary elections, followed by complete marginalization and political oblivion.
Finally, the curtain falls on the second act of our play with the departure of the “people’s hero,” Hristijan Mickoski – the Teacher of Political Turmoil, back to where he came from, after an act of “moral” responsibility, the completion of the constitutional changes. In the party’s agenda, it is planned for the “Condom” Mickoski to be replaced by yet another “condom.” This time envisioned to be a “Trojan horse” like Mucunski, Nikoloski, Janushev… There are so many “Trojans” that it’s hard for me to list them all.
The only obstacle to prevent the “dark scenario” with VMRO-DPMNE from happening for the party oligarchy is the “Faction for the Democratization and Revitalization of VMRО-DPMNE,” which day by day is, both quantitatively and qualitatively, increasingly occupying the party’s political space. The party does not belong to lucrative political tourists, but to honest and upright members. The faction, in part, through magic and a magic wand, understands the reason for its existence – the start of accession negotiations with the EU. The second part of our mission also begins with the fight against criminals, corruption, and preventing the party oligarchy of VMRO-DPMNE, from retaking the party. With further democratization and determined revitalization, winning the next elections, and forming a VMRO-DPMNE government completes the Faction’s mission.
But, yes, my opening was about Stalin… or maybe about the chicken… I can’t remember. Of course, Mickoski’s bots will remember… or maybe they won’t. It all depends on whether last night Mickoski “worked” or “they worked”!?

Oliver Andonov

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