(or about how they want to reformat our common sense)


Memory is the basis for a normal thought process. Moreover, memory is essential for making appropriate and correct conclusions about everything one experiences in life. It is the basis for making common sense decisions about our actions. Memory is not an electronic-technical object – a chip that can be replaced or easily upgraded. Memory is the ability to remember what has been learned and to store what has been experienced through life, whether by ourselves or absorbed from our ancestors. Memory can be improved according to personal capacity. By nature, it can and, should be constantly enriched, barring some serious injury to the neurological system or, God forbid, experiencing a stroke or severe psychological trauma. Memory, in addition to being a personal characteristic of each of us individually, also reflects the character of the collective, of a people, a society, of a nation, and this is called collective memory. In addition, there is also institutional memory, which in the form of personal experience is possessed by employees in the public and state administration and those performing public state functions. However, the personal, collective and institutional memory should be preserved by the media through their archives. The archives, the state archive of Macedonia and the archives of the national institutions, especially MOC-OA and MANU, as well as the political parties contribute greatly to preserving collective memory.

It is these last ones, to our collective regret, are the ones who try to erase memory the most, and they do it successfully in their political backrooms. However, once they obtain power, they also do much to erase the institutional memory. This is what happens to us. Not only is there no archive in political parties, but also part of the state archive is deleted, destroyed or simply disappears depending on the interests of the current government. Someone, and we know who, thinks that our future generations should not have evidence of their anti-national and anti-state actions. Especially when it comes to erasing the memory of their hacking-theft crimes against their own people.

Particularly interesting is the approach to the erasure of collective memory, and the strong focus on the erasure of personal memory as an inseparable part in the creation of a new collective memory. The goal is clear. To turn into aquarium fish with a two-second memory and, to have the same political oligarchic players constantly present themselves as new faces and so on ad infinitum in a system of a magic circle in which everything is new to us every time, when in fact, in our Macedonia everything has been the same for the last thirty years. The image that something is new is actually the minimal technological progress, but not everywhere, and the memory… What is it?

Thus, some “new” characters are being introduced to us on the political scene, when in fact, they are either the same old characters under new masks or they are puppets of the same old characters. Of course, these are the actions of the Balkan intelligence services, each acting for their own interests and with their own goals. However, the Macedonian people and preferably the entire Macedonian nation suit them all. Yet, the Macedonian people seem to have as many holes in their memory as possible. Some individuals, even better, seem to succeed in having a memory of two seconds.

That’s why today we can follow and, at least pointlessly debate without social interest and purpose (except of course to create a few more opposing sides in Macedonian society, so let it be for banalities) and without any political influence on the current political moment. So, it is with the Facebook debate between Georgievski and Gruevski. Without intending to get involved in it, and even less to defend someone’s character and work, I will remind you that I once wrote (addressing Mickoski), that the first was the Duke, and the second, the President. And that’s it, past perfect tense; politically finished careers for the both of them. Perhaps, it would be good for them to include their memories and write something in the form of a memoir and thus leave a record on the memory card of all of us from VMRO-DPMNE, the Macedonian public, to the collective memory, for future generations. Leave a record to history of their views, actions and moments as presidents of VMRO-DPMNE. For those who want to read these memoirs, let them draw conclusions and interpretations of themselves. But leave it to others in the future to dispute. But what do we do with the third character who is the head of VMRO-DPMNE? The one who presents himself as president (regardless of who brought him or who contributed to his coming for the first time where it is already illegal) and to whom I told that unlike the first two, the Duke and the President, as the third, only Micko remained in the collective memory of all of us in Macedonia, especially those of us from VMRO-DPMNE. This one will be confirmed after the elections as the expression of a small figure in an episodic role in the political theater in Macedonia. In this context, I am more interested in who from his immediate environment puts on a new mask with the help of which they will try to replace Mitsko with his worn-out mask, behind which the ugly face of the energy mafia and the political oligarchy can be seen, and without the consent of us, the party members. Well, I know who it is, but I don’t want to say. What I don’t want to say is intended to awaken and restore your memory, my dear readers, especially to those of us as members of VMRO-DPMNE, so that we don’t make the same mistake and forget something that is currently happening before our eyes. So, with a memory of two seconds, we forgot who Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova was and now we will have to carry her to the end. In fact, they will have to carry her to Micko’s clientele and sycophants. The rest of us don’t have to and, I’m sure they won’t. Although we already carried her once without success for the sake of peace in the party. But as they say, only a fool is hit twice by the same stone. Any similarity and recognition with the metaphor used with persistence by some of my fellow party members to explain that it is not exactly the same and that Davkova will bring us added value (words that Micko likes to use). This is intentional and it is entirely dependent on their personal memory card which has no autosave and ethics, so as not to be hypocritical. It is exactly the same in the context of the pro-European views of Siljanovska and her subtle attitude towards the policies and institutional memory of the EU and the position of Bulgaria, as well as the strange criticism of the European extreme right and praise of her ideologically-politically close colleagues from the SDS who she would even vote for, as well as the incomprehensible “enlightenment” towards politicians. Here we also have countless questions that should be asked of Mickoski.  Those which he should answer during this pre-election period, but more on that later.

On the other side of the coin, if we can say that there is another side in our Macedonia, it is the SDS and all its antisocial actions in the operation “change masks and roles” in order to erase the collective memory of the members of the SDS. Suddenly, Kovacevski moves to the second or third or someone is in between, as if he doesn’t want this period to be visible. Suddenly, Zaev appears in the guise of Filipche. That same Filipche-Vilipche, the doctor, whose hospital in Tetovo burned down with terrible consequences, and behind whose mask you can see the ugly face of the man from Murtine and that of Angjushev. By the way, this is the same Angjushev mentor, colleague, business partner and friend of Mitsko; just to refresh your memory card. Then, somehow, Spasovski disappeared. He who finally understood that he should go into political retirement. However, it would be good if he went into social retirement and at the same time be responsible for the committed and non-committed acts seen. Suddenly, we see Maricic, the new face of SDS, who until 2016 was a part of the “Colored – Non-Governmental” and fought with me on Macedonian television, which media then had the task of supporting him. I often had to play simulcast in the duels in which, in addition to Maricić, Apasiev and other persons under masks, the presenters also joined in proving their truth, which had to be true for the citizens in order to erase the memory card at that moment and format it in another memory.

Speaking of Comrade Dimko, he fought with all his might to bring Zaev to power and as far as I can see, now he is fighting against SDS and VMRO-DPMNE, or rather, in the absence of a right and left-wing political ideology. All the while, Apasiev is waging a personal battle against Mickoski and Kovachevski, who are washed away from any political ideology, because their only philosophy is the ideology of personal profit. At the same time, it offers the Macedonian citizens a Trotskyist ideology in combination with National Socialism and Stalinism. After the model of democratic centralism, it will return us to some good times of the totalitarian political ideologies of the twentieth century. This according to the principle of a broken memory card through the prism of rose-colored glasses. Here we must mention the “new” Maxim Dimitrievski and what he thinks he knows in ZNAM, but we also know much more than him. We remember his role in SDS in 2017, 2018 and later. As a matter of fact, in the last public duel that I had with him in the media, on April 27, 2018, and on the issue of the poor who suffered on the same day in 2017, I defeated him personally and his – their politics, and at that time still believing that Mickoski has Vmrov ideology and human honor in him. The same Dimitrievski, with the help of Mickoski, became the mayor of Kumanovo three years later, during which Toni Mihajlovski was sacrificed, most brutally, as our candidate from Vmrov. So, to refresh your memory and, don’t be surprised that Vesna Bendevska, yes, that Bendevska, from the SDS, during the time of Branko and Buchko and Šećerinska and Zaev and Kovacevski, is a guest on Alfa TV. Momirovski and Milosavljevic can’t sleep. especially when talking about her decision to “join” Maxo (called Tarzan, why did he take Tarzan’s mask, or is it not a mask?). It is clear that she made that fateful decision with a heavy heart. Of course, only after Branko Crvenkovski, her Pope, called her that it was time to change the mask. In the meantime, Minchev also changed his mask after the Pope gave him another new one, and, in agreement with Mickoski, they all act together as new faces under new masks; presenting themselves against the SDS and at the same time counting on the weak capacity of the memory card of each of us individually. Especially to us from VMRO-DPMNE, considering us fools.

In this context of a weak memory card and, mostly erasing it in order to accept these “new” characters once again in power and after thirty years the political oligarchy remains hiding its ugly face behind new masks of the same faces. Of course, with the help with all the might of the independent and rather impartial media.

I think that what has been said in this column is enough. I hope that at least we members of VMRO-DPMNE will be able to fully recover our personal and party memory. But I also appeal to all citizens of Macedonia to recover both their personal and collective memory, so that it won’t be said, “we didn’t know” …. again. Because my dear, you know very well, just try to remember without self-censorship on your memory card and with a constant refresh.


Oliver Andonov


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