(price to be paid by VMRO-DPMNE)

It is always interesting how we in Macedonia manage to successfully deal with completely insignificant and nonsensical things in order to make people in the parties eventually pay the most expensive price, as has been the case for the last thirty years. However, the next price will be paid by those of us who are the members of VMRO-DPMNE. This other is short term entertainment, as the citizens will be further confused and especially discouraged in relation to any trust of the institutions within the system.

An example is the ongoing fun regarding the fruitless debate on the question of whether we need a technical government (Pržinska government) and whether Talat Xhaferi should be the prime minister of such a government. Both issues are not subject to any serious political discussion. This is complete nonsense, valuable only for the apolitical Mickoski. There is simply no reason to argue about things that have already been completed, established, will obviously be realized, and for which a completely different political approach with a view to a different time distance is needed. That is why this column aims to shed light on these stupid debates that have been placed in the public discourse. They are completely wrong and unnecessary for VMRO-DPMNE, practical actions, especially the persistent parrot-like repetitions of Mickoski’s words by some of our fellow party members. Of course, the words of the apolitical Mickoski are just words of delusion, not based in reality, and we can confirm this through just one example. That example are the extraordinary elections announced by Mickoski over the last two years. Mickoski announced them every 3-4 months, and now we have regular parliamentary elections. Even last year (2022) in December, when Mickoski called the former mayors of VMRO-DPMNE to anesthetize them from their justified dissatisfaction with him and his inaction. I told those who asked me for an analysis and a realistic viewpoint of the political situation that Mickoski was lying to them. He is lying to them, because he has no intention of doing anything to overthrow this incompetent government (according to the ZMM coalition agreement), which he is doing in practice even now – he is not overthrowing them. On the contrary, he is helping the SDS with his senseless actions. He is just a spotter who needs to survive at the head of VMRO-DPMNE because of his complete submission to the oligarchic-political structures of the Yugoslav-Moscow tycoons in Macedonia. In order to survive, it must quell internal party discontent, and this is best done by continuously (every 3-4 months) anesthetizing the membership with the story that there will be early elections. Elections we have just not won and VMRO-DPMNE will be in power. So, while we as VMRO-DPMNE enjoyed Mickoski and his leadership lying to us, Kovacevski and the incompetent SDS brought their mandate to the end. That’s how it looks and how it ends, just one example of public deception. What’s more frightening is that it continues.

After all, this dramaturgical act playing on the political scene in Macedonia called “Talat and Technical Government” aims to not only deceive the citizens, but above all our fellow party members, with completely unnecessary and politically finished questions. Those with pronounced chauvinism towards our fellow citizens of Albanian ethnic origin have completely different goals, of which I will not write about now, but they have extremely dangerous tendencies, and to the detriment of all the citizens of Macedonia.

The technical (Przin) government is a done deal, at least for this election. When we, as an intra-party faction, publicly expressed our position two years ago that activities should be started immediately to abolish the technical pre-election government, Mickoski showed absolutely no interest. When someone reading our columns gave the idea to Mickoski, he didn’t tell him what such a proposal should actually contain because even that “genius” had no idea about it. Then Mickoski will “lay down on his floor” and go to Kovacevski to agree on the details of the formation of the technical government. So, once again, we from VMRO-DPMNE will be the frivolous ones. That is why Mickoski’s proposal is completely empty, late and unnecessary in a political sense, but even more so in a personal sense.

Why in a personal sense? Firstly, because the proposal for Talat Xhaferi to be the technical prime minister is an issue exclusively and only for the SDS-DUI coalition. There is no normal reason for it to be contested. Especially not on an ethnic basis as it is highlighted in public to create tensions. Such creation of tensions is contrary to the Constitution of Macedonia, before which all citizens are equal regardless of their gender, ethnic, religious, racial affiliation or political conviction. Further, every adult citizen of Macedonia has the right to vote and to be elected. End of story.

This is where all the stupid debates and fruitless arguments fueled solely and only by political motivations come to an end. Provocations that obsessed some “genius” in the White Palace, thinking only that by inciting ethnic hatred on a wider context deliberately labeled as the “Albanization” of Macedonia,  would mobilize part of the Macedonian people on an ethno-political basis. According to that same “genius”, such ethnopolitical mobilization should result in a greater number of votes in the elections in favor of our party. In reality, it is very wrong, to the point of disaster. No one thought of the message that is being sent not only to all of us in Macedonia, but even more so to our political partners in the EU and NATO. Consider also, the risk of going backwards in the Macedonian political processes and the impact that would have on the region. In this context, someone opens a job for the prosecutor’s office, only that it has been in a deep anesthesia sleep since the time of Zaev.

As an intra-party faction, we constantly talk about the need to end chauvinism aimed at anyone, and yet it is from our party that we receive the greatest opposition, demonstrated in its practices, to this political narrative of ours.

With such a situation inside Macedonia and a tendency for not only political, but also ethnic division, what is most “amazing” is Mickoski open interference in the elections in neighboring Serbia. And that just a few days before their election day, with public and undisguised lobbying for SNS among Macedonians in Serbia. This procedure does not surprise us at all from the apolitical Mickoski. In the first place it is an unprincipled and certainly undemocratic act to interfere in the elections of another country. Particularly when it is a neighboring country and regardless how great our shared relations, we as VMRO-DPMNE must not allow ourselves to be involved in any direct electoral involvement. The personal relations between Mickoski and Vucic, as well as between VMRO-DPMNE and SNS as “sister parties”, are matters that have nothing to do with the elections in neighboring Serbia and not about internal party elections in SNS. None of the candidates should seek ideological-political support from Mickoski. This is especially important because our involvement in the campaign for the parliamentary elections in Serbia, also approves their involvement in the SNS elections in Macedonia. Such possible involvement would not be beneficial to our party at all, nor would it speak well in terms of the presentation of our democratic capacity to our strategic partners the USA and partners in the EU and NATO.


Because in orderly democracies, in the member states of the EU, it is not permissible for political leaders from one country to get involved in the elections of another country, especially with concrete “political” field activity as in the case of the apolitical Mickoski. Because doubt is being raised among other political parties that, in addition to the field activity, there may also be financial activity. Because in this way the indigenous political thought and practical policy of the state becomes polluted. Because political parties that accept this kind of help and support are considered the dominions of the one providing the support. Usually, the one who gives or asks for such support by interfering in the elections is considered to have some specific political, economic, financial and other interest from it. For VMRO-DPMNE, it is particularly sensitive in Macedonian conditions and leaves deep traces, sending signals that are not at all pro-European.

Consequently, this kind of apolitical move by Mickoski, which I believe he could not refuse as a proposal that was delivered to him, directly shows what state we are in as a political party on an intra-party level and what is the level of our democratic capacity. Furthermore, it shows our party’s pro-European capacity. It shows the coalition capacity of the party to form a government. It says that Mickoski has no chance of forming a VMRO-DPMNE government with a partner from the political parties of the Macedonian Albanians, given the attitude of the Albanians towards SNS and Serbia, especially after developments in Banjska and relations with Kosovo. It mostly shows why Mickoski and the current leadership lead such a confrontational policy towards the USA and the EU. In the end, he announces in which future direction Macedonia would move with Mickoski policies and the current leadership of our party. Whoever the “genius” was that suggested this to Mickoski, dragged him into a deep political hole, and with only six months to go before the elections, it will be difficult for him to climb out.

If to all of the above, we add the stupid PR about Talat who was the Minister of Defense in the VMRO-DPMNE government, the incomprehensible anti-Albanian chauvinism towards our fellow citizens of Albanian ethnic origin, then we can conclude that Mickoski is deliberately destroying the chances of VMRO-DPMNE for victory in the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections. It should also be no surprise, especially to you fellow party members, that Kovacevski is very sure that he will continue to be “tied to the tree” of the prime minister of the government of Macedonia. That is terrible for Macedonia and especially for VMRO-DPMNE, which after such a situation will enter a deep intra-party crisis. We will simply be in twelve years of opposition, like no one before. In order to prevent this scenario that Mickoski is preparing for us, we are here as an intra-party faction. What the faction proposes that we should do is contained in several points, and though it may not be easy to do, it is not impossible at all. In fact, it is even advisable to do it quickly.

  1. To carry out a complete unification of all structures-parts and individuals from the party who, for various reasons, now stand against Mickoski and the current leadership, or are completely passive.
  2. Such a unification should be unique and only on a pro-EU basis; clearly express that political change in the party’s policy, while at the same time demonstrate it in practice.
  3. Immediately, the party should be opened to all our fellow citizens with a right-wing political conservative ideology, regardless of their ethnic and religious affiliation.

We can present the details of how this can be concretely, and quickly put in practice on the ground and in the political narrative as an intra-party faction, if there is a clear and unequivocal interest in it from the current leadership of VMRO-DPMNE.

There is no need to make a political drama and make fun of the fact that Talat will technically be prime minister and talk nonsense about the technical (Pržin) government. But the political dilettantism of the apolitical Mickoski, which is to the detriment of our party VMRO-DPMNE, must stop most urgently.

Hristian, you organized them out systematically and united our VMRO-DPMNE committees and then went directly into to the field. . .a field “in the middle of the country of Serbia”. The great work of the  simpleton.

My dear fellow party members, let us not allow ourselves to pay the most expensive price for our party.


Oliver Andonov



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