Dear Grandchild,
You know about my mission of connecting the past with the present while anticipating the future so that Macedonia can timely engage in the ongoing geopolitical processes. That’s why I’m constantly on the move. I’ve been to London, Neuilly-sur-Seine in France, Johannesburg, and New Delhi. I have even passed through the madness of the bloody war between Russia and Ukraine. Anticipaing the future means we must leave the current obscure figure of Mickoski and his “swan song” behind. He is no longer needed or relevant to anyone, except TV station “Alpha.” Not since the time of Comrade Tito, or perhaps even Comrade Milošević, we cannot recall a “News” program devoting five segments to a politician as the propaganda machinery of “Alpha” does with Mickoski’s foolish statements. Soon, we should expect Alpha TV’s “News” to open with its own personal greeting, “Good evening, Mr. Mickoski!”
What I’m writing to you about is not visible from Tashmarunishte!
I was in London before the start of the Balkan Wars, where I spoke with and convinced the Lords to prevent the Balkan War. So, they called upon Turkey and Bulgaria and according to them offered Macedonia its very own “Apple of Discord.” With that golden gift came a “casus belli” (a reason for war). According to Bulgaria, it was to grant the autonomy to Macedonia that Bulgaria had long been insisting. England’s proposal was accepted by Turkey. But behold! It was rejected by Bulgaria. So, in reality, they actually wanted to conquer Macedonia territorially rather than grant it autonomy. And that led to war!
Now, dear Grandchild, do you know about the “globe-trotters” from Bulgaria who are working within Macedonia preventing the inclusion of the Bulgarian ethnic identity in the Macedonian Constitution? If this happens, a clear distinction will be drawn between the Macedonian and Bulgarian people. That bit of irony would bring the greatest Bulgarian aspirations from the smallest group of Bulgarian nationalists and chauvinists led by Radev and Jotova.
After the defeat of the Bulgarians in The Great War, I hurried to Neuilly-sur-Seine in France, where Bulgaria was held accountable for its actions during the Balkan Wars and the First World War, which it had initiated. Thanks to my skill, I managed to insert Article 126 into the Treaty of Neuilly-Sur Seine, 1919, obliging Bulgaria to return everything it had looted during the Balkan Wars and The Great War. Thus, Bulgaria found itself on the wrong side of history. As it always does.
But the most important thing, the reason I’m writing you this email, happened at the G-20 meeting in India. Of course, I had previously attended the BRICS meeting in Johannesburg, but that’s a story for later. The primary document, the Declaration, that emerged from the G-20 meeting was signed in the “spirit” of the philanthropic and pacifistic commitments of the United Nations. Nothing significant happened, except for the appearnce of President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, who will need to seriously consider the modalities for ending the war imposed by Russia. It somehow felt, Grandchild, as if everyone in New Dehli was fed up with the war. The most important thing was what happened at this meeting with the “I2U2” group (pronounced as “I too, you too”).What is it? You haven’t heard about them? That’s also the problem with our Macedonian politicians – “you don’t see beyond your nose,” caught up in “cheap” corruption money and even cheaper lovers at the expense of the state or the party.
The “I2U2” is a group that was founded in the fall of 2021 but was officially established a year ago. The group was formed under the auspices of a Washington based think-tank known as the Middle East Institute (MEI). The founding stated intention of this group was to expand the “Indo-Abrahamic Alliance.” The acronym of the group, “I2U2,” stands for two “I”s, representing India and Israel. The two “U”s, represent the United States and the United Arab Emirates. The stated reasons for their existence are. . . “a platform for the 21st century, driven by economic pragmatism, multilateral cooperation, and strategic autonomy. . . the group “stands in sharp contrast to old groupings where religion or political ideology would matter”.
Actually, dear Grandchild, this “society” has set for itself the goal of designing a new economic path that runs from India through the Arabian Peninsula, transits the EU into the United States. Something which I would call the “Indian Silk Road.” France, Germany, Italy, and the EU joined this group at the G-20 meeting. World leaders like President Ursula von der Leyen, as well as the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, signed on to it. Indeed, there’s no room here to delve into the presence of Saudi Arabia and Israel in the same group, given their historical enmity. But, if these aren’t tectonic geopolitical shifts, I don’t know what else they could be! It’s incredibly powerful, isn’t it? A society involving the wealthiest state, Saudi Arabia, the most populous nation, India, and the most powerful economy, the United States. No further comment needed!
Now, Grandchild, do you understand the internal problems that China faces in its economic development and on the geopolitical level?
The Chinese “One Belt, One Road,” popularly known as the “Chinese Silk Road,” has serious question marks regarding whether it will succeed in its implementation. Of course, this also presents significant problems within BRICS, which I observed when I attended the meeting in Johannesburg. Contrary to the grand propaganda, this concept, Grandchild, cannot feasibly endure. As for BRICS, the member states are not standing “side by side” on an equal footing. From what I saw, they are standing more “back-to-back,” which only means they are better protected. Obviously, this is not a solution. In fact, at the first opportunity, a party seems to be separating; “a swallow flies away.” So, it would appear to be happening with India and its membership in “I2U2” as India apparently is sporting an economic strategy that is directly in opposition to China’s geopolitical strategy. Wasn’t China, at one point, the fundamental pillar of BRICS?
Grandchild, can you see now why it is so crucial to urgently begin negotiations for North Macedonia’s EU membership? Fortunately, let us thank God that the “game” for EU entry was taken out of the hands of the obscure figure Mickoski by the “Faction for…” Thankfully, the oligarchs won’t be able to obstruct EU accession through the corrupt Mickoski.
After the BRICS meeting in Johannesburg, Modi, the President of India, visited Greece. I didn’t know that Athens was a stopover on the way from Johannesburg to New Delhi. The wise Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the President of Greece, seems to be someone who doesn’t let an opportunity slip through his fingers. During the meeting with Modi, Mitsotakis simply told him, “Let Greece be your gateway to Europe for the placement of your goods.” In this context, there’s also the realpolitik promoted by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who, at his recent meeting with Vladimir Putin, didn’t accept Putin’s threats regarding the continuation of the so-called “grain deal” (the export of Russian wheat).
Wise statesmen, Grandchild, are indeed concerned about the economic development of their countries and the well-being of their citizens. I would wager that we’ll soon see Orban meeting with Modi. The fundamental maxim, inscribed at the entrance of the British Parliament, well known to Orban is: There are no permanent friendships, only permanent interests. The love between Hungary and Russia, however, is still based on interests.
Do I still need to explain about Macedonia and its accession to the EU? What about the clash between the “three towers” in the Kremlin and the corruption that historically destroys Russian society? Should we discuss the problems in the Imperial Russian Army? What about the problems with Defense Minister Shoigu, Yeltsin’s favorite minister, with the corruption in his closest circle? How do we process the dead Prigozhin? What is the nature of the power of the Russian “fifth column” or, according to Dugin, the “sixth column” ? What about the presidential elections in Russia and the crucial question – Will Putin run? Who is and why did the Crimean Tatar Rustem Omerov become the Minister of Defense of Ukraine? Why was the previous minister Reznikov replaced? All these seem to be questions that raise even more questions defying criticism of those “who speak what others keep silent,” the famous “Sputnik”, the basic literature of Macedonian analysts, and politicians. . .No, we must wait for another time!
Regarding the meeting and cooperation agreement between Putin, the President of Russia, and Kim Jong Un, the North Korean dictator, I’ve heard that “Che Guevara”, from our side of town, was quite delighted. He began to speak about the realization of his “original” dream of a “world proletarian revolution.” Without doubt, his phone rang with the ringtone of “his” anthem, “America and England will become proletarian countries.” What can one say without sounding funny!

My dearest one, I apologize for my brief telegram-style update. However, when I come to Macedonia, I will provide you with a comprehensive briefing. Please don’t be annoyed by this letter. In a week, you will hear it as expert analysis from some of our seriously illiterate analysts who are adorned with even more serious titles such as political analyst, professor, and Doctor of Science. This constantly happens to you. It’s time to get used to it, and it’s not a big deal. Let people learn something from this “Brief Geopolitical Overview”!

Grandpa Gerasim

Recorded and translated
from Old Slavic Language
Oliver Andonov

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