This should sound something like the Twelve Magnificence, but it is just a simple vulgarization of the election of a candidate for the president of Macedonia by VMRO-DPMNE (read by Mickoski).

I intended not to write a column this week, and, instead, someone else from the intra-party faction for democratization and revitalization of VMRO-DPMNE, via the faction’s Facebook page, should address his position regarding some civil issues. Meaning, the civic issues that affect us all on a daily basis. Issues with which the incompetent and lost government of the SDS hinders us, the citizens, from a normal living.

But our everyday reality is full of stupidity after stupidity, both from the incompetent SDS and from Mickoski and his friends, so that one does not really know where to begin. What nonsense should he reveal and how should he address the citizen – the sovereign (the ruler) in our Macedonia? We are forced to deal with Mickoski’s political mundanities. Yes, that same Mickoski who has been pushing VMRO-DPMNE into ruin for the past seven years.

Since, as an intra-party faction, we are forced to deal with these trivialities (Mickoski doesn’t know about anything else), let’s analyze one of them, colloquially called “twenty-two possible candidates for the president of Macedonia” proposed by Mickoski. The analysis is not aimed at giving meaning to Mickoski’s political illiteracy, but to turn to the membership of VMRO-DPMNE. That being said, in time to tell the membership what Mickoski is up to; to get us all “thirsty across the water” again. Because, isn’t it “important”…

In a short period of time, as the president of VMRO-DPMNE, you should appear in public several times and say that you have twenty-two (22) potential candidates who could be a candidate for the president of Macedonia proposed by VMRO-DPMNE. That you would do that, six months before the presidential elections, is a serious joke with the membership. If you want to “play democrat”, which you are not, then at least come out with a public list of potential candidates. Then, do a survey among the membership, but not on Facebook or in the municipal ones as you know, but anonymously with the entire membership over a longer period of time. From the selected five candidates, he made a public anonymous survey, and then from the remaining three he goes with an offer to a party convention to determine the candidate and possibly his replacement. This is how modern right-wing pro-European political parties do it, at least in a minimal democratic capacity. Real democratic political parties would do this with a determined method of candidacy, campaign and intra-party elections of the entire membership because that would already mean broad support for the candidate of our VMRO-DPMNE. But we will not teach Mickoski about political practice through democratic processes. It means nothing to him. His task is completely the opposite in order to destroy VMRO-DPMNE, while at the same time, engineering a leagacy as the “leader” of an anti-European, (anti-NATO) anti-American and undemocratic political party.

Why does Mickoski offer us twenty-two NN persons? Because twenty-two of those who revolve around him and clientelize (not to use a more specific term) have received his promise to support them. Those poor people tied it up in a towel and are just waiting to compete as Mickoski’s presidential candidates. At the same time, they do not know that this is not the first time that he has promised positions according to Zaev’s principle: “one position for many”. Logically, Zaev is his teacher. They have been in the ZMM coalition for a long time (Zaev-Mijalkov-Mickoski) in case you forgot. By the way, as the elections approach, those business-criminal coalitions will not only become more visible, but also financially more concrete before our eyes. Of course, these twenty-two do not know each other, so they cannot consult each other and confirm that “little Micko” is beating them. The fact that twenty-one, or all twenty-two, will raise their voices and this will be announced to them at the party-god convention where the conventioners will vote according to Mickoski’s direction, will be further explained to them as an expression of democracy. This film was best seen by Vlatko Gjorchev in the role of a spotter for Teta Goga, Mickoski’s candidate for president of Macedonia. If you are not afraid, dear candidates of Mickoski, ask Vlatche to tell you, if he is allowed to tell, and be honest.

All this is possible because in the party there is no Rulebook for candidacy and election of a candidate for the President of the Republic by VMRO-DPMNE. If there was such a thing, the procedure would be known and the selection of a candidate for the head of state would not depend on Mickoski’s personal wishes or rather, his destructive plans. As a matter of fact, we in the party do not even have rules for the candidacy and election of the president of the party or for other state or party positions. It is the result of the “most democratic Statute”, that of Mickoski, who also “democratically” applies it and when.

So, my dear fellow party members, we in the faction already know who Mickoski will impose as a candidate for the president of Macedonia in the name of VMRO-DPMNE. However, we will not make the name public (because there must be at least a minimum of “political culture”), but we will tell you the purpose of Mickoski.

A long time ago, maybe two years ago, I wrote that they would lead us (us from VMRO-DPMNE above all) to participate in the election of Zaev as the president of Macedonia. Now that is exactly what they are doing to us. And who else should do it for us if not Mickoski. That way, he will get us another “spotter” from Zaev who will convince us that he is very good and that even DUI (read our fellow Albanians) will vote for him. The tragedy for us will be that that person, who will not vote again, has a connection with VMRO-DPMNE, though neither as a direct (member) nor an ideological one.

This is already a matter of Mickoski’s habit of not “drilling into the brain” of an entire party, but with the ultimate goal of the complete destruction of the party. That is “important”, isn’t it? This is what he did for his aunt Goga. He also did it for the parliamentary elections in 2020, when he lacked the courage to be on the list and was a top candidate, so that in 2021, for the local elections, he was a candidate for mayor of Skopje and suggested Danela to us. Remember again my September 2021 column when I clearly warned of the consequences? As for Mickoski, he apologized for Danela. However, he never accepted concrete political responsibility in the form of a resignation, and that is also “important”, isn’t it? By the way, I think we should introduce Iz not Gut (alias Nikoloski) to Danela. It makes no sense for him not to meet the mayor whom he was against and for whom he was for, and that’s “important” isn’t it? That’s a little weird in sane political circles. It will be even more interesting (funny if it wasn’t so sad) when Danela forms a political entity and when in a coalition she attacks the votes of VMRO-DPMNE. It will not be a surprise, especially because the incompetent Mickoski did not strengthen the party and consolidate the electorate by consolidating and not attempting to destroy and marginalize the differences in VMRO-DPMNE and in the coalition “spewing nonsense” for monolithicity. It’s like living in 1949!

Looking at the past experience of Mickoski’s candidate capacities, which, in turn, aim to weaken and completely destroy VMRO-DPMNE, I am very sure that Mickoski’s candidate out of the twenty-two, which he spins on the carousel, will be the twenty-third person through which he will completely demotivate the membership for an election race. Instead of entering the time strait in which the party finds itself and start a real unification of the membership and revival of the party to apologize to the members that he deliberately marginalized with his behavior, and start a rapid process of democratization of the party, Mickoski is using ostrich tactics. So, among other things, he tries to ignore the existence of the intra-party faction, which is very “important” for him, isn’t it? According to the backward methods of political behavior and with extreme dilettantism, he thinks that if he doesn’t talk about something, he himself and his surroundings, that it does not exist. It does indeed exist, and it is a very lively faction. Its supporters as dedicated members of VMRO-DPMNE with clear and unequivocal pro-European views and democratic-Christian ideology of VMRO are extremely active in many fields in society and the party.

And of course I am not writing this to be right, but solely to warn the membership not to “fall” for Mickoski’s games. At the same time, it must be known that SDS and DUI will go with a common presidential candidate, and we as VMRO-DPMNE will wonder which commune to vote for. Whether for Theirs or Ours. Isn’t it “important” ?

Mickoski’s demands for a leadership meeting are also deceptions of the membership in order to justify that something is working. In practice he wishes to arrange the holding of parliamentary elections with the first round of presidential elections. Of course, after the constitutional changes will take place, from which he will be amnestied, and that is very “important”. Little has been calculated here. The destruction of VMRO-DPMNE by implementing wrong strategic and personnel policies will not go well for him in the party. However, he is counting on that destruction inside the party and its division right before the elections. How else will VMRO-DPMNE implement the agreement with Zaev to lose the elections?

That is why we from the faction are here to clearly state that we are for a democratic, pro-European, right-wing, national VMRO-DPMNE, which will unite ideologically around the basic postulates of democracy, a firm European future and with national unity. In that context, besides everything, let me just ask a friend: “How many of our fellow citizens from the Albanian ethnic community are active members of VMRO-DPMNE at the moment”? Those few who were in our ranks were there before Mickoski’s chauvinism and his belated national romanticism scattered them. The pretense of love by the “citizens” during non-inventive activities of the type “It is important…”, will come in another column. Mickoski is an inexhaustible source of political nonsense and lack of talent, but with a determined ultimate goal – the destruction of VMRO-DPMNE.

Knowing this, We as an intra-party faction encourage all of you as members of VMRO-DPMNE to dare and clearly and openly support the faction. The time for a definitive struggle to prevent the ultimate destruction of the party is upon us. Don’t be fooled by the fake polls of Mickoski and Kovaczewski. Open your eyes wide. We in VMRO-DPMNE have a choice, and that choice is the intra-party faction and intensive and hard work for democratization and unification – revitalization of the party before the upcoming elections.

Isn’t it “important” that the changes for Macedonia and the fall of this SDS government depend exclusively on the democratization of VMRO-DPMNE? That will not happen without the departure of Micksoki and his leadership. If it is important to you, and “it is important” that we do it for our sake, our future generations, for VMRO-DPMNE and for Macedonia as soon as possible. We will write more about what is important to Mickoski and how he drives the uninventive campaign in which the most important thing is how to buy another day to survive and by God, something is being done against the incompetent and no SDS government, all in a future column.


Oliver Andonov



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