What we see briefly every day can be defined as a situation expressed in three words: “Macedonia without navigation”. We need to ask: “Is there a pilot on board the plane or is it being operated by some bastard”? The term “bastard” used herein is done in a slang context derived from the word “bastard” and has metaphorical meaning. All of us, the passengers on board our plane christened Macedonia, are horrified to learn that although we are supposed to be flying somewhere there is no compass anywhere on board our light that indicates in which direction we are moving. It is tragic that none of those who present themselves to the Macedonian public claiming they want to be the pilots, or at least first officers. of our plane or. even as part of the cabin crew, do not know have a clue how to determine our course. These job applicants are incapable finding our direction even according to the stars. They are even unable to locate and point out the north star (Denica) which shines in the sky above Macedonia and dependably shows us the way. In whatever way you would like to say it, we are not moving anywhere. Especially at our arrival destination, and that is at the airport in Brussels.

What it looks like in practice with a few more metaphors.

With the help of our strategic partners and partners from the EU, the SDS in epoch-making incompetence once managed to set the compass in the right direction – towards the EU. However, due to its incompetence, confusion, the criminal interests within its ranks, the various oligarchic-political interests and the Yugoslav-UDB services that persistently taps in place. There is no one to change the oil or give the left engine the adequate torque in order to move the country of Macedonia in the direction shown by the compass.

VMRO-DPMNE still has the strength to accelerate the right engine, i.e., to move the state of Macedonia, at least a little, from the status quo position with the capacity that remained, even after being silenced and hidden, after strong worded resignations of innumerable numbers of its members and after fragmenting into countless parts, the compass under the influence once again of the oligarchic-political structures and the Yugoslav-UDB-Russian structures is turned once again toward the opposite direction from the one in which we should move, i.e. opposite of the EU.

In this state of disorientation, it is not surprising that even the M-NAV does not work properly. A trainee pilot is capable of crashing our plane in an instant, and then have no responsibility, because the pilot is ultimately responsible for the aircraft. The burden is on the pilot. The problem after the crash will be to determine why he left the plane to the co-pilot when there was no navigation. It would appear that M-NAV was busy with their own navigation, trying to determine who they should set to navigate. This navigational problem is further problematic for the chief pilot who has no way to establish contact with the passengers; as well with the first officer as he only rotates his left engine. Meanwhile, the first officer, who wants to be the pilot, simply rotates the right engine but, in the opposite direction. Only the co-pilot remains unchanged. But you see, lately the co-pilot has been very afraid lately, why…?

First of all, because of the serious warnings that he received most directly from the partner navigation centers. Then from external competition and from the fact that he can be replaced by another bastard – from outside. In fact, the co-pilot who changed several pilots (even though someone promised him that they would give him three hundred pilots) didn’t mind when he went for additional training some seven years ago, together with several of his crew members of the Macedonia plane. They were at the level of second or third officers and during his training another foreign pilot told them who would be in the crew of the plane that was not to be under his control! No wonder the co-pilot is scared. What a mess. Now another pilot of another foreign plane has appeared who wants to replace the co-pilot in our plane. And just then our bastard, who pretended to be eternal, started to fly our plane imagining himself as a qualified pilot (he didn’t need three hundred, or anyone else to navigate him, he is enough on his own), appeared who wants to put his own co-pilot on our plane. The reason for this is multifaceted. First of all, it is because of the spite of the previous foreign pilot with whom they want to measure their pilot experience. However, on our plane, they do it with the help of those who call them for further training in their plane and who they want to be co-pilots in our plane. Secondly, the co-pilot to whom our pilot, for unknown reasons, entrusted the control of our plane, operates very arrogantly, without common-sense, so to speak, constantly bringing us into turbulence. We have already spilled our guts. We are fed up with the constant sharp turns taken to stay in the same circle. As you can see, the co-pilot has no orientation and no altimeter. So, we fail a lot with strong winds. It is a risk that the fuselage under great stress will collapse. There is no ground navigation either. Although some of the co-pilot’s crew tried in the most unpopular way to establish it according to their example. But after nothing worked for him, and he quarreled several times with one of the pilot’s officers, he began to publicly complain that a foreign pilot wanted to put another co-pilot instead of him in his life-guaranteed pilot’s seat. Too bad. The training and influence of foreign pilots on our aircrew was not a problem as long as he was in the co-pilot’s seat and as long as the weak pilot allowed him to shake in place and strain himself into unconsciousness.

So now the first officer who pretends to be the pilot is trying to pretend that he doesn’t see the instruments and that he doesn’t see what kind of training the foreign pilot is giving to some new copilot whom he himself wants as a copilot, if for nothing, at least to spite the current co-pilot. He is not interested, because he is interested in how he can take the place of the current pilot, so that he can fly a little, and even run it in reverse with an increased rev on the right engine and, if possible, shutting down the left engine. Something is wrong with the understanding of aerodynamics here, but he hopes that the balance will hold his new copilot as if he were juggling on a high wire, though not in turbulent international airspace. Importantly, he will change all the officers from the crew, and maybe even the current pilot will not be the first officer, but someone else, and of course only he will collect the boarding tickets instead.

In doing so, it doesn’t matter that our plane isn’t flying anywhere and that according to all the laws of physics and an unsustainable aeronautical setup it’s likely to crash. What matters is that as a pilot, co-pilot, first officer and crew, they all have adequate parachutes in order to leave the plane in time with all their resources.

That the pilots from outside who teach the co-pilots how to fly us and will fly their planes stably and with full navigation equipment even for night flying and land safely at Brussels airport is a tribute to their success. For our plane it is not for them care. They care about their co-pilots and their pilot vanity. In fact, they are trying to juggle which of them can fly two planes at once. Theirs and ours as well, but with their trained co-pilots. If our plane crashes and there is no harm to them, it is important that they practiced and measured their pilot capacity among themselves.

When our pilot, copilot and crew leave our aircraft and M-NAV is unable to provide navigation, the passengers of our aircraft (those who survive and wait for a partner navigation to take over) will be transferred to some other airplanes. Where will those planes fly? In which direction will our passengers fly without their own plane? Only God knows.

We will transfer from plane to plane. We will wait in airports to board a plane if we are not accepted and somehow that foreign plane will bring us, if we are lucky, into the Brussels airport. Whoever is luckier might even get on a plane to Washington. Those with less luck will remain at the airports in Tirana and Sofia, Those with blurred vision who fanned the right engine in reverse will be left floating through the winds of empty headedness. Such winds will at best blow them to Nis. Perhaps they will hang them on a dry tree until the tree simply collapses under the gust of the Balkan winds and crushes them.

So now, let’s think carefully about whether we should board the plane that these pilots and copilots are offering us. It might not be a bad idea to land our plane briefly. Pray let it be on the grassy surface as well. Let’s see what the current pilot and the first officer who wants to be a pilot have to offer. Let’s see in which direction they want us to fly. Let’s see if maybe there are other pilots and crew who clearly know where we need to fly, where to go and how long it will take to get there. As for the co-pilots, how about work? Eventually they will have to leave M-NAV and rely on another navigation tower. That tower knows how to guide very well, and our co-pilots know how to listen to the navigation instructions. Especially when they know they are in the plane without a parachute. We just need to take over the navigation from the tower on the hill and point our plane towards Brussels airport, take off from the green area. Our pilots and co-pilots obey the well-known command: “Hurt the dogs and don’t touch the buttons.” The rest will be done by auto pilot and nav tower on hill until finished.

Passengers don’t need to worry. If the applicants for pilots and co-pilots are not good, their parachutes will be taken from them too, then they won’t be so crazy about our plane.

Strap in, we’re taking off, or maybe not. Pay close attention, dear passengers, whether you will get on the baggage carousel or the An-2 biplane that they offer you as a substitute for a peaceful flight to the safe destination of Brussels. Will you stagger, bleed or fall into uncertainty after the flight of circular turns that keep you in place or will you take a normal civilized flight that will certainly land you in the EU?

It depends on us what kind of pilots and what kind of crew we will choose, but also what plane we will get on. The M-NAV doesn’t offer help much here. It’s someone else’s trick and it doesn’t cost us much. Just think a little, we can do that without whites.


Oliver Andonov


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